Josten Myburgh & Jameson Feakes


Josten Myburgh (electronics) - Jameson Feakes (electric guitar)

Josten Myburgh & Jameson Feakes focus on composition & performance of contemporary music that explores reduced, minimal or improvised approaches. In January 2016 they were part of the lineup for the Tilde New Music Festival in Melbourne, Victoria, for which they composed new work 'a window in Sicily', and in March they gave WA premieres of works from the Wandelweiser Collective at St Paul's Church in Mt Lawley.

Clarence Barlow - ...until... (20')
Antoine Beuger - little more than a whisper (15')
Eva-Maria Houben - duo I (30')
Josten Myburgh - a window in Sicily (30')
Josten Myburgh - evelyn (7')
Michael Pisaro - la voix qui dit [harmony series no. 8d] (5')